Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Banpao Rural Art Centre (BRAC)

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Apichart Pholprasert, BRAC is designed to be a centre for creative practitioners to work in a Thai rural context along side friendly farmers. It is set up in a Banpao village, Chiyaphum Province, north east of Thailand. The philosophy for BRAC's creative activities is based on a correspondence between artistic and agricultural practices.

Plan of the art centre.

Wendy Grace Allen was Artist-in-Residence at BRAC from late 2008 till early 2009, where she worked on The Border Crossing Art Project and her up and coming Rural Go Go exhibition.

Air and Apichart Pholprasert and Wendy and Warwick Allen outside BRAC.

Wendy with an art student and his painting.

Children’s art at BRAC

Assistant Professor Dr. Caroline Mercier (Department of Theatre, California State University) was artist-in-residence from June 15th–August 18th 2006.

Photos from Dr. Mercier's residency.

The Earth's waters are both boundaries and pathways for peoples, objects and ideas.
Fumio Nanjo

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Hi, I'm an artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, living in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. My work is about life here in Issan. If anyone would like to see my work then I have a website with the work I did whilst on the MA at University of Northumbia. I heard about Apichart from lecturers and post grads. My website is