Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mould Making for Lost Wax Bronze Casting in Bangkok, Thailand

I've just returned from Bangkok, Thailand where I was making a video documenting the process of mould making for lost wax bronze casting.

Frenchman Pierre Cerviotti, mould maker demonstrated the process by making a mould of Blake's latest sculpture. Pierre, has 19 years experience as a mould maker and continues to use moulding techniques that date back to ancient Greece. Basic mould making is taught at art schools around the world but not as comprehensively, or with the precision that Pierre employs. Canadian born Blake, has been working with Pierre for many years and his sculptures are found in galleries in Europe and the Americas. Of particular interest, is Blake's devotion to raising money to clear land mines. To date he has raised $200,000 USD from the sale of his Fragments sculpture series. It was in a chance meeting at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok, that I first met Blake in February 2009.

A few days ago we met with bronze foundry manager Thai Parinya Senadisai, whom we were introduced to by Ajarn Sanya Wong-Aram from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. In the photo (from left to right) is Pierre Cerviotti, Blake Ward, Parinya Senadisai and Wendy Grace Allen

Below are some links about lost wax casting, and Blake's sculpture:

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