Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Helpmann Academy

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The Border Crossing Art Project arrives in Adelaide

Opens 6:00pm, Wednesday September 22
Concludes Thursday October 14

Light Square Gallery
Adelaide College of the Arts
39 Light Square, Adelaide

Visual artists from Australia, Thailand and New Zealand have collaborated together and with South Australian artists and art students for a unique cross cultural initiative called The Border Crossing Art Project.

Showcasing the work of artists Wendy Grace Allen (nee Dawson) (New Zealand), Dr. Apichart Pholprasert (Thailand) and Helen Stacey (Australia), the Border Crossing exhibition first opened at The Art Centre Gallery at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in February. The exhibition will be on show at the Light Square Gallery during September and October, before heading off to New Zealand later in the year.

The Border Crossing Art Project is an exploration of collaborative visual arts practice, where the artists involved - among the first graduates from the University of South Australia’s Masters of Visual Art program - experiment with multi-layered techniques that traverse geographical and cultural boundaries,” explains Helen Stacey, who has coordinated the South Australian phase of the project. “All of the pieces on show are a unique discovery of the progressive transformation of our original work, each of us reflecting on issues relating to land ownership.”

In addition to the Light Square exhibition, the collaborative research project also includes a two-day workshop, a public forum, a seminar and a series of artist floor talks. Up to 16 students, staff and visual arts graduates from the Helpmann Academy’s visual arts partner institutions will take part in a collaborative workshop, with each artist working to interpret the theme ‘border crossing’.

The Border Crossing Art Project has been supported by a Helpmann Academy major grant.

  • Public Forum - ‘New trajectories in regional cross-cultural collaboration’
Light Square Gallery, 3:00pm Thursday 23rd September
Speakers: James Bennett, Curator of Asian Art, Art Gallery of SA
Dr. Pamela Zeplin, SA School of Art and the Border Crossing artists

  • Acsa Seminar - Eddies and flows: narratives of cross-cultural collaboration
Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery, 12:00 noon, Friday 24th September
The Border Crossing Artists

  • Artists Talks: Light Square Gallery
11:00am, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th September

For further information contact Chris Bull, Helpmann Academy Marketing Manager, on (08) 8463 5015 or 0425 615 233

The Earth's waters are both boundaries and pathways for peoples, objects and ideas.
Fumio Nanjo

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