Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3 - Kia Ora Koutou (Maori)

Kia ora koutou,

I'm going to take some photos of the artwork I'm finishing at the moment and post them soon.  NZ readers, it's probably best to check this site late afternoon or evening because of the 5 hour time difference with Malaysia.  I could post at midnight I suppose and then you'd wake up to my new posts? I'm still getting the hang of a few minor technicalities, mostly to do with multiple posts from my Posterous blog, http://wendygraceallen.posterous.com/.  The cool thing about Posterous  (thanks Ming for the info) is that you can post from your email to the Posterous blogsite and other multiple sites in one hit.  So, I'm trying to get it to feed to this site,http://thebordercrossingartproject.blogspot.com/ site, Twitter, Facebook etc.  Am I sounding like a techy geek?  Even my Superman technical husband (who is currently writing image processing software for taking high definition pics of my art, that can be printed up large!) doesn't have Twitter and I do!  So, if you check either of my blogs, this site or get links from Facebook or Twitter then you can get the same info.  Apart from the small technical hitches I'm trying to resolve - so please be patient with me.

I'm finishing off some more glass pieces then on to some painting today...

Hei konā mai, Wendy

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