Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days 8 & 9 Bangkok Sculpture Center

Sawadee Ka,
Yesterday, I went to the Bangkok Sculpture Centre a private non profit organisation set up to promote Thai sculpture.   I've seen work by a few of the individual artists before, but the 210 sculptures are the largest collection in Thailand and it was a nice opportunity to get a more comprehensive understanding of Thai sculpture.  Many of the artworks are in bronze but there is also wood caved pieces, a stainless steel sculpture and a few mixed media sculptures. I've never seen anything like the carved elephant door pictured with gallery guide.
Bangkok probably has everything you could want to buy and many things you don't!  Finding something specific you need is a different matter.  Food is easy.  7/11 easy.  Taxi easy.  Art materials, well you have to find the place, get there, and know how to ask for what you want.  I kept a sticker with the Thai writing for the silicon I purchased last time because quoting a number (type of silicon) isn't useful.  For example, I've tried many times but am still unable to locate someone who custom makes neon; with all the neon in the city one would think that would be easy.  Finding the right words to describe things helps (even my limited Thai language helps - Mai ow ka - "I don't want" is very useful for tuk tuk drivers and pesky touts).  Getting access to the internet isn't always straight forward, which is why I didn't post yesterday - besides Sunday is a day of rest.

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