Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 12 – An Artist’s Life

Good Morning, North East Thailand

I was up before 5am because I thought that was when "Maa Yeum", Mother Yeum could help me with the interview questions (my friend had translated over the phone to her and explained what I wanted to do). She starts work at her shop at the market at 6am. She told me to be ready at 5am but I phoned my English speaking friend in Bangkok and she interpreted for me and it turns out that actually means 11am to Thai people. I was thinking it was too dark to make a video. Anyway, I went back to bed but for not too long so I could enjoy the "cool" of the day.

I tried to "interview" a few ladies on my own by giving them questions written in Thai (my friend translated them for me). They did a wonderful job of reading the questions but didn't realise that I wanted them to anwser the questions! I tried to explain in broken Thai but to no avail.

So, at 11am I met Maa Yeum and we went to meet a couple of ladies who could relate to my questions. I couldn't upload the videos I've made because the file size is too large but they're unedited and untranslated in Thai – Issan dialect. I don't even know what was being said yet! I'm going to interview someone else when Maa has more time this evening.
The video I'm making is part of my exhibition so I'm including it (well associated images because of uploading issues) as part of my art for the 30 day artist project. It's all part of my life as an artist and portrays my diverse body of work, which you'll realise if you've been following this blog.

I'll go and see what else is in store for me today.


The Earth's waters are both boundaries and pathways for peoples, objects and ideas.
Fumio Nanjo

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